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Bob Mocarsky (USA)
Bob Mocarsky is a performing pianist, composer and arranger. He earned a reputation as a versatile pianist, B3 Organist, synthesizer player and arranger who brought passion and color to every musical situation.
Skaidi (Norway)
Jazz bassist Steinar Raknes and traditional yoiker Inga Juuso have created music that calms the icy plateau wind and makes the dark winter months seem snug and beautiful.
Steinar Raknes Trio (Norway)
Steinar Raknes is one of Norway’s foremost jazz bassists and songwriters. With his fearless and explosive playing style, he is often compared with the legendary bassist and songwriter Charles Mingus.
Flo & The Wild Grapefruit (France)
After a second successful tour in Asia in 2009, the young French trumpeter Florent Briqué is coming back this year with a new project, The Wild Grapefruit.
Sylvain Gagnon Quartet (Canada)
Considered as one of the best Canadian bass player of its generation, Sylvain Gagnon has extensive international touring and recording experience.
John Thomas Trio (Malaysia)
The John Thomas trio possess an innate understanding of musically which makes remarkable band chemistry.
Buzz Bros Band (Holland)
The band has a very recognizable sound, and the four musicians are definitely groundbreakers in the Dutch jazz scene.
Renfrew Group (Hong Kong)
Renfrew Group is a Hong Kong-based jazz ensemble known for its versatility.
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