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Stefan Rusconi -  piano

Fabian Gisler - bass

Claudio Strüby - drums

Rusconi Trio is formed by three young jazz musicians from Switzerland who stormed the world at the Jazznojazz Festival in Zurich in November 2006. They were immediately praised as “The New Discovery of the renowned Festival.

Their Music is harmonic and warm without appearing sterile, and their predominantly natural style is infiltrated with interplay of disunity and aesthetic.  Stefan Rusconi excels on the piano, impressing with his rhythmic elegance and captivating harmonic magic.  They are young, fresh, stylish and innovative, but above all they are simply great performers. Their unique musical style seems to be the long overdue revitalization of nowadays Jazz scene. The trio is said to be the future of jazz.

In March 2008 they toured through Germany and attracted the attention of the major label Sony Music. Rusconi released their third album One Up Down Left Right” in the same year. Whether in the small clubs in Berlin, Cologne, Munich, the renowned festivals or in the concert halls as a supporting act for Joshua Redman, the fresh and different Rusconi thrills their audience with a wide choice of modern style Jazz which is incomparable and unique.


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