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Hristo Vitchev Quartet (USA)
Take a modern jazz pilgrim with the Bulgarian-born mystical wunderkind. Hristo’s music can bring listeners’ emotions to a far deeper place that few people ever reach.
East-West Quintet (Italy/Taiwan)
The Quintet was formed in 2014 after Pasquale Stafano and Naomi Yu met in Taipei. The Quintet takes a lot of inspirations from the seductive Chinese and Italian folklore and traditional music.
Swing Brosse System (France)
After three years, the band will once again return to the stage at Beishan with their clever combination of unrestrained Gypsy and romantic French styles of jazz.
Ernesto Jodos Trio (Argentina/Austria)
A trio led by the creative jazz musician, Ernesto Jodos; their music is strong, charming and memorable. Their songs are as boundless as the ocean, with significant meaning and depth.
Dock in Absolute (Belgium/Luxembourg)
The trio played together for the first time in 2012, when they decided to combine visual arts with their own compositions and arrangements varying from classical, rock, electra, to pop music that became a fusion of the unique Dock in Absolute jazz style.
Luo Ning Trio (China/Hong Kong)
His music is influenced by the New Wave Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca. Luo Ning is the chief representative of jazz music in China as well as the spokesperson for Latin and Chinese music.
Sylvain Gagnon Quartet (Brazil/Canada/France/Philippines)
Considered as the hottest bass player in Asia, Sylvain Gagnon has enviable international touring and recording experiences. The virtuoso bassist is renowned for a jazz fusion cross-bred with worldbeat, funk and rock rhythms.
The Rolling Stones saxophonist Tim Ries’ extraordinary music is an inspiration to many composers across the globe. On September 29 and 30, he will get on the stage at the Beishan Jazz Festival 2015 as the special guest.
CMI Quartet (China/Italy/South Korea)
Four young musicians will bring you a fusion of romance from the three kingdoms. You will hear a wonderful combination of oriental, foreign-inspired, traditional and modern sounds with a blend of colourful interludes.
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