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Current location:BEISHAN MUSIC FESTIVAL > 2015 JAZZ FESTIVAL > LINE-UP > Sylvain Gagnon Quartet (Brazil/Canada/France/Philippines)

Sylvain Gagnon can be called as one of the best bassist of its generation. He has an enviable international touring and recording experience, the virtuoso bassist has not only recorded hundreds of albums but was also the lead bassist for Jacky Cheung’s ½ Century Tours. In addition, Sylvain has collaborated with many famous Canto-pop singers, such as Priscilla Chan, Bianca Wu, Hins Cheung, Khalil Fong, Justin Lo, William So, Janice M, Miriam Yeung and many more.

The prolific composer discovered jazz in his teenage years and he is renowned for a jazz fusion cross-bred with worldbeat, funk and rock rhythms. After 4 decades on the jazz scene, Sylvain Gagnon into Beishan Jazz Festival 2015 with a quartet.


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