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Current location:BEISHAN MUSIC FESTIVAL > 2015 JAZZ FESTIVAL > LINE-UP > Luo Ning Trio (China/Hong Kong)

Luo Ning is famous for his ebullient, enthusiastic and consummate piano skill. He was invited to the 29th Beijing Olympic Games as an opening ceremony guest performer.

His music is influenced by the New Wave Cuban jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca. Luo Ning is not only the chief representative of jazz music in China, but also the spokesperson for Latin and Chinese music. Grammy Award winner and jazz icon Kenny Garrett referred to him as “China’s real jazz pianist.”

Since 1998 he has frequently played on domestic and international stages to perform jazz, classical, pop and folk music. Luo studied at Cuba Arts University in 2010 and became the student of the renowned jazz percussionist Emilio Del Monte as well as the eight-time Grammy Award-winner jazz piano master Chucho Valdes.


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