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Current location:BEISHAN MUSIC FESTIVAL > 2015 JAZZ FESTIVAL > LINE-UP > Ernesto Jodos Trio (Argentina/Austria)
Ernesto Jodos - Piano
Sergio Verdinelli - Percussion
Mauricio Ponce de Leon - Bass

The Ernesto Jodos Trio, performs a great variety of music and compositions. This band received the “Carlos Gardel 2008” for the “best jazz album of the year”. Their music is strong, charming and memorable and their songs are as boundless as the ocean, with significant meaning and depth. 

The band leader and pianist, Ernesto Jodos, graduated from the Berklee College of Music. When Ernesto returned to his hometown in the 90s, he found himself in a new jazz movement that would renew the Argentinean music scene. Ernesto then recorded his first CD as a leader together with American trombonist Conrad Herwig and Argentinean bass player Hernán Merlo. 

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