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B's Bees is a hard rock jazz band from Montreal. They create compelling original music and passionately perform the music of former jazz masters. At the 2012 Montreal International Jazz Festival, a band of four core members and several promoters gave their first performance.
Brandon Goodwin, the band leader, won a scholarship to perform at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2012. He formed and played the B's Bees with several young star musicians.
B's Bees's first album, released in 2015, was well received, with all the tracks being original and written by members of the band. Once released, the first album topped several Jazz broadcasting charts and ranked second in that year's jazz rankings. The second album, Dear Charlie, ranks fourth on the iTunes Canada Jazz list.
The band's third album, Kanata, released in April 2018, was widely acclaimed and often became the lead track for radio stations around North America.


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